Julia Roberts and me

Now I hear you thinking to yourself  "how can she be so arrogant and call her article like that?" or "Well, She doesn’t look so similar".... The truth is that at first I was blushed, I couldn’t admit that yes, someone had said that before, as if admitting it I would became suddenly an arrogant person. Actually they just say that I look like someone, which does not have to be something good; in fact we all want to be unique. 

Yet I have always flattered to be told that I look like Julia Roberts, perhaps because I grew up watching "Pretty Woman", that must be one of the films that more have being screened on the Spanish television. People just to tell me that a lot in Spain, sometimes just to flirt… but was also someone who noted the resemblance and he quickly said he didn’t understand why people liked that woman (there are people who find hard to say something nice just because). Other people just to tell me something about the resemblance in more creative ways: once the cashier of a store in San Bernardo (Madrid) told me when I was leaving "Greetings to Richard!".

But it was when I reach the United States, where the resemblance became stronger, probably because here I laugh more and that illuminate the enormous mouth in all it fullness. I have been told in the supermarket queues in Miami, by a taxi driver in New Orleans, in a hospital before the pertinente X-ray, in the window of the toll of the highway, by the police of the customs... there was a guy who wanted to take a picture and send it to his mother to say he was having dinner with the actress… and walking by the streets of Brooklyn an afternoon, someone yelled at me very thrilled: "You're a movie star!", he said. This November at a cafe in New York a guy started laughing nervously clutching at his face when I sat next to him; then he confessed to me he had thought I was really the actress and his heart had begun to beating a mile a minute. "I am sorry to disappoint you," I said to him smiling. I remembering that guy named Michael Jordan that was suffering quitte a lot, because when he was doing reservations in restaurants  all the employees were expecting to meet the famous basketball player and they could not help showing their disappointment at seeing it.

But this evening has been specially nice. I was taking the subway of Bedford Avenue to be going to sup on with a friend in West Village. In the coach there was a man begging, he has paraded through the whole coach to the end, then he has stopped to my side. I had spent the last couple of dollars in an old singer I had found in the platform singing the " I've been loving too long " by Otis Redding's with a booming voice very similar to the one of Screamin Jay Hawkins (wonderful), so I didn’t have money to give him; anyway I cannot give money to everyone in my current situation I even would be also capable of get on the subway to sing or play an instrument if I knew how... But the man was not expecting for anything from me, he was looking at me with generosity, not begging. And then he said to me " You look like someone famous ", " But I am not” I replied. Then he shook his head as if he had suddenly remembered something, and he started singing "Pretty Woman" clapping his hands; I saw that the people around us was smiled and they were singing too, those who were sat and those who were standing up,;some of there were dancing moving their head and shoulders slightly… I also I allow myself to go suddenly and inexplicably happy… It was exciting; it lasted a minute, at most two, because the man only knew the chorus of the song; but how the culminating points are remembered... At the next stop a guy went out of the coach and he told me: 'I thought so same when I saw you. "

So, my moment of fame was supplanting the identity of this woman who once was America's sweetheart and who would never ride in a subway car. And as I have been forced to think about it because of the constant comparison, I finally found the poetry in representing the most imperfect beauty, the mundane, nearby, accessible version, of someone mythologized. And it’s great to see this sudden happiness to be born in those who believe for an instant that someone who appears only on a screen is real, tangible, and walk and eat like them. it’s great  to provoke the illusion, to create the smile. And although I am not  the person who they’re expecting, I'm worth to them.